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Sex, humor, Ponzi schemes, sleazebags, romance and travel - not to mention snappy writing, edgy dialogue and a clever storyline; this novel has it all!
In amongst the drama and action are some genuinely humorous scenes, making this a super-easy read. Love the banter and often-quirky dialogue.
Highly recommended reading for anyone into escapism and a rousing good read!" Sterling Gate Books


Million Meal Challenge, A Dream Worth Sharing.
Every e-book sale from our Ride Series generates
a $1.00 donation to Second Harvest Food Bank,
which in turn, generates 3 meals for those across America
needing a little extra help. My goal of a million meals purchased
through our Ride novels may be lofty, but not unreachable.

We've surpassed 50K meals to date.
Together, we can do this. Your purchases, along with your fair
and honest posted reviews, inspire me to wake up each day
with a new story to share from my Ride.